what we do

We provide all-rounded professional Human Resources solution.

Workforce Supply

Wide Range of Service
We provide daily warehouse operations, labelling and packaging, stock-taking, forklift loading, human resource back-up and other value-added logistic services.

Flexible Schedule
We are capable to operate in flexible schedule including day, middle overnight shifts and hourly-based labor to fit for customers' needs.

Well Managed
Supervised by experienced team leaders, responsible for problems solving and communicating.

Professional Consulting
We provide professional advices and suggest the best solutions to our valuable customers in solving logistic problems.

Quality Control

Interview for Qualities
All staff are filtered with interviews designed by experienced senior. We evaluate their performance and assign them to appropriate position according to their abilities and experience.

On Job Training
Fresh staffs are trained by On Site Team Leaders, and performance assessment are undergone regularly.

Participable Appraisal
Employers are welcomed to participate, in order to understand staff performance and it helps to be the reference to appraise for bonus and salary review.

Regular Reviews
Quality Control Manager and Operation Manager will review the operation procedures regularly, including staff performance, attendance and customer satisfaction.

Service Process


Understand the business structure of customer and listen to the needs of them. We do fact finding and sync with the goal of our customer in order to build a solid plan on the right foundation.



After collecting sufficient information, we analyse and design a plan that best fit the situation. Then we advise customers on the best solution for the nature of the client's business, regional and manpower supply market conditions


Next we select the right manpower from the sources on hand by region and job type, at the same time, recruit in the market or internal transfer.



After the staff is assigned to work at the customer's designated location, supervisor monitors the performance in different aspects and ensure smooth operation.


If there are absenteeism, emergency backup will be carried out by other WH in the same district or across districts. At the same time, we’ll continue to recruit for the natural loss of manpower.



The management will conduct regular meetings to review the quality of service and overall operations for review and timely change of strategies.