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We offer a wide range of high quality logistic services which include daily warehouse operations, labelling and packaging, stock-taking, forklift loading, human resource back-up and other value-added logistic services. Equipped with top-to-bottom labor layers such as manager, supervisor and general workers etc.

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Risk Management

helps businesses minimize risk. Environment inventory and employment market varies. We offer a sufficient Human Resources to cope with fluctuated inventory handling.


Cost Savings

helps reduce the cost of maintaining nonrevenue-generating back-office expenses. A fully functional human resources department requires additional office space and highly trained and experienced HR staff.



streamline important HR functions, such as payroll, benefit administration and compliance management. Outsourcing helps employers and managers spend less time doing paperwork and more time dedicated to improving the efficiency and effectiveness of the workforce.


Employee Development

help businesses manage employee performance and development. Providers implement performance management plans to ensure employees comply with company policies and procedures and successfully meet business goals.

Major Customers

We’ve had the pleasure of working with some of the largest brands in Hong Kong.